Sir Roderick Beckinsire

Ruling Lord over Beckinridge


Born 43 years ago, Sir Roderick is the youngest son of Lord Bastion Callista. After his older brother Bastion II died during his youth, Roderick became the heir to the title. Lord Bastion retired the throne to Roderick on Roderick’s 25th birthday, and he has been ruling since. Roderick married his wife Patricia on the day of his coronation, and together they had two sons, James and Jonathan.

Roderick is a tall man, well over 6 feet, with broad shoulders and dark, thinning hair. His leadership started strong and prosperous, but as the years inched closer to James’ 25th birthday, sanctions and economic policies put forth by Roderick put a strain on the local economy.

Roderick is known to be a jovial man who loved his people, but recently he has been short tempered and irritable. Rumors are spreading that Roderick will not relinquish the throne. James has been dismissing the rumors publicly, but Jonathan says he wouldn’t be surprised if his father had something like that up his sleeve.

Sir Roderick Beckinsire

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